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All State

1966-67  Pat Driscoll  Rich Isamen

1967-68  Paul Hanson  Greg Troland

1968-69  Paul Hanson  WCCO

1969-70  Bruce Kjesbo  WCCO

1970-71  Dave Canton  Minneapolis Tribune

1971-72  Brad Atchison  WCCO

1975-76  Bob Dale  State All-Star Game

1976-77  Mike Driscoll St. Paul Pioneer Press and State All-Star Game

1979-80  Chad Sheets Minneapolis Tribune, WCCO, MN Sportscasters, MN/IN All-Star Game, Finalist MN Mr. Basketball

1980-81  Jim Driscoll  WCCO

1987-88  Rick Eidsness  MN All-Academic Team

1991-92  Jim Argent  Corey Zimmerman First Bank All-State Tournament Team

1992-93  Jim Argent  Out-State All-Star Team, McDonalds Regional Nomination, All-State Team,  MN All-Academic Team

1993-94  Sean Greenwaldt  Out-State All-Star Team, Academic State Champion, All-Tourney Team - State Tournament Team

1995-96  Seth Greenwaldt  Micah Benson MN All-Academic Team

1997-98  Jeff Ubben Out-State All-Star Team, MN All-Academic Team

1999-00  Tony Birmingham  Sven Grosen  Out-State All-Star Team, All-State Tournament Team   All-State Tournament Team

2000-01  Sven Grosen  Out-State All-Star Team, MN All-Academic Team

2002-03  David Erickson  MN All-Star Team, MN All-Academic Team

2006-07  Erik Lien  MN All-Star Team, MN All-Academic Team

2007-08 Jordan Driscoll Minn. All Star Team, Minn. All-Academic Team

2012-13 Aaron Lien- MN All Star Team, Finalist MN Mr. Basketball, All-Academic Team