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Boys MBA Teams

The Moorhead Basketball Association is considered a Community Club.  With this distinction we prioritize bringing all kids into the sport of basketball.  

Tryouts are held in late Sept/early Oct each year with the varsity coaches and staff evaluating the players and determining teams based on each player's skill.  

Below you will find information for each grade A, B, and C teams, including sample schedules. 

A team: Advanced skills. These teams are considered "Travel Teams"
B team: Intermediate skills
C team: Developing skills

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Travel Teams

  • These player have been identified as "A" team players that are willing and able to travel up to 4 hours away for a weekend (Friday-Sunday) tournament.  
  • Only 4th grade travel teams play in the Metro league on Saturdays.
  • Travel teams will travel often to the St Cloud or Minneapolis metro area for tournament play. 
  • Hotel and Travel costs are the responsibility of the player's family, these costs are not covered in the cost of the registration fee. 
  • Some teams may opt to sign up for additional tournaments, at the full cost to the team members wanting to participate in additional tournaments.
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3rd Grade + 4th - 8th Grade Boys B and C Teams